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It Always Ends in Nuclear War Update 2

Posted on 2014-07-20

It Always Ends In Nuclear War is a game I’m making which aims to simulate human history through the ages.

I haven’t worked on it too much since the last update. I’ve been busy with moving, trying to get a job, and life in general. I did get a chance to play around with tile type generation this weekend, though.

I’m not sure if what I’ve come up with is embarrassingly bad, but I’m going to show it regardless. The current thinking is that there’s going to be 4 discrete tile types – Desert (represented by tan tiles), Ice (represented by white tiles), Grassland (represented by light green tiles), and forest (represented by dark green tiles). Tile types are going to effect food output, the culture that develops in cities, and resource distribution (ie: oil being more likely in desert / ice areas).

I’m still brainstorming ways to make it look better. It’s surprisingly hard to get good looking results.

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