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Deformable Terrain

Posted on 2018-02-10

I’m sure it’s a terrible idea to work on this project when the main game I’m working on is still unfinished, but once in a blue moon I feel compelled to work on this 2D action-roguelite that I’ve had in my head in some form or another since 2012. The driving idea behind it is a minimalistic 2D game based on capturing the feel of a DBZ fight. LBZ is the closest game I can think of which is out there, and it’s not quite what I want in terms of game feel or style.

I think there’s a total of like 20 days of work on this spread across 5 years, so I put this out there with that huge disclaimer.

For more of an explanation on what this actually is, it’s loosely based on the combat in DBZ. You control a very tiny and fast square. It can fly / teleport and shoot energy attacks.

I’m the yellow dude in this video. The circle around me is how much energy I have. Flying, teleporting, and energy attacks drain energy. Energy automatically regenerates after not using any for a short period of time. Energy regenerates 2 times faster if you’re (more or less) stationary.

If you fly into the opponent square, a melee collision happens, and the loser gets damaged and knocked back. The winner is determined by whoever was moving faster in the opponents direction. It’s all about momentum.

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